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PAT Testing and Kitchen Maintenance Services for businesses.

PAT Testing

DS Direct's PAT testing services can be used to test appliances such as computer equipment, phones, desk lamps, printers and other electronic equipment in Northampton...

Research has shown that 25% of reported electrical accidents are due to portable appliances; when you consider the increasing number of portable appliances being used within the workplace - such as computer equipment, telephones, certain industrial equipment, etc. - it creates a picture of a workplace which is rather high- risk, even if it doesn't seem like it...

As well as this, it seems as time goes on, more and more positions within the workplace revolve around the constant use of portable electrical appliances; in this instance, the appliances in question should be subject to regular checks and testing, to ensure safety. However, a lot of people are often confused about what to look out for when checking their equipment to make sure it is safe to use.

As part of our mission to provide one-stop facility supplies and services, we here at DS Direct now offer an outstanding PAT Testing service, to give our customers peace of mind when using their electrical appliances in the workplace.

Commercial Kitchen Maintenance

DS Direct's commercial kitchen maintenance services include kitchen deep cleaning, extraction canopy servicing, kitchen descaling and commercial kitchen equipment repairs!

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